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Why businesses need to invest in SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best tools for business that any reputable and reliable Sydney SEO agency can provide and one that needs to be seriously considered. 

Nowadays, to be able to get ahead in business, one must fully understand the evolving marketplace and the need to scale up with the changes and developments. 

With the advent of technology permeating throughout everything and anything, it is not surprising for businesses to drive innovation and promote relevance to stay competitive in their ventures. 

Realistically, most Sydney SEO experts would agree that the need to invest in SEO is a necessity and one that would require focus. It is inevitable and one should not consider avoiding it, lest you leave your business biting the dust behind your competitors.

Embrace it instead of running away from it

A lot has changed in SEO back in 2018 and the Google Search Console has made a lot of enhancements, algorithm updates, and other factors that affect search capabilities and user experience.

Therefore, the need for any Sydney SEO agency to step up their game in the SEO playing field has been triggered in part by those changes in order for businesses to … Read More

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Computer Network Basics

What is a Computer Network?
Computer networks can be interpreted as 2 or more autonomous computers that are connected to one another through network communication media, to share information, data and also existing resources.

The main purpose of a computer network is sharing resources (read: resources), where a computer can utilize the resources owned by other computers that are in the same network.
The development of computer data and network communication technology today is no longer limited to computers. Various communication technology devices that are present are currently developing in line with the development of computer technology, many of which integrate computer devices such as microprocessors, memory displays, storage, and communication technology into them even though this technology was developed for computers that we can currently use in technology computer network.

A computer network consists of:

– minimum of two computers
– network card (network interface card / NIC) on each computer
-medium connection, which connects one computer’s network card to another computer, commonly referred to as a data transmission medium, can be either wired or wireless or wireless (wireless such as radio, microwave, satellite, etc.).
– Network operating system software (NOSS) which functions to manage network systems, for example:
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