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Computer Network Basics

What is a Computer Network?
Computer networks can be interpreted as 2 or more autonomous computers that are connected to one another through network communication media, to share information, data and also existing resources.

The main purpose of a computer network is sharing resources (read: resources), where a computer can utilize the resources owned by other computers that are in the same network.
The development of computer data and network communication technology today is no longer limited to computers. Various communication technology devices that are present are currently developing in line with the development of computer technology, many of which integrate computer devices such as microprocessors, memory displays, storage, and communication technology into them even though this technology was developed for computers that we can currently use in technology computer network.

A computer network consists of:

– minimum of two computers
– network card (network interface card / NIC) on each computer
-medium connection, which connects one computer’s network card to another computer, commonly referred to as a data transmission medium, can be either wired or wireless or wireless (wireless such as radio, microwave, satellite, etc.).
– Network operating system software (NOSS) which functions to manage network systems, for example:
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The Importance Of Learning Information Technology

Learning Information Technology in this day and age is very important, because nowadays most of them use information technology tools. Learning information technology is very beneficial, where we can use it in everything. With Information Technology we can know a lot of things that we don’t know. Technology develops very fast. One area that has a significant impact on technological developments is in the field of education.

During the three semesters, I got a lot of knowledge. began to study networks, databases to get to know the Website to operate it. Now I am getting used to information technology tools.
Now I know that everything can be done with internet networks. For example Facebook. I often use Facebook, because there I can communicate with friends, family, teachers and lecturers. In addition to communication, I can use the internet network to look for sources, and other things. Lots of people who use internet networks.

Using the internet network nowadays can be done anywhere, because there is already a hotspot, in addition to internet network hotspots can also be obtained by using a modem.
Apart from the above, I also learned about the history of computers, the internet and other things. That
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Technology Trends For 2016

new technologyThe water business has traditionally been threat averse to implementing new technologies and altering present processes. This was reflected in gradual mechanization of agriculture, and the movement from artisan to factory manufacturing within the late 1800s 2 Nonetheless, by about 1910, new know-how started favoring middle- and high-skill staff. New advances in a single company’s smartphone will soon be present in competing gadgets all over the world. Blockchain’s potential is actual, but the technology remains to be in its early phases. A smart contract is a bit of pc code that describes a transaction step-by-step. Reactive programming—the place elements react to changes in information which can be propagated to them relatively than use imperative wiring—has become extremely common, with reactive extensions obtainable in nearly all programming languages.

The technology was funded by way of $500,000 in grant cash from the Friends of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Division Basis and the University of Nevada, Reno’s Cooperative Extension program. Metropolitan Police Department officials are testing the know-how in a yearlong pilot program at an undisclosed location in northeast Las Vegas, Deputy Chief Chris Jones mentioned at a Thursday news conference. Mazda will showcase the Skyactiv-X technology on the Tokyo Motor Present this … Read More

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Reading: The Internet

technology computer and internet

It is a community of networks that consists of personal, public, academic, business, and authorities networks of local to international scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wi-fi, and optical networking applied sciences. The Internet carries a vast range of knowledge assets and services, such because the inter-linked hypertext paperwork and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing. The Internet is an enormous community of networks, a networking infrastructure. It connects hundreds of thousands of computers together globally, forming a community in which any computer can communicate with any other laptop as long as they’re both connected to the Internet.

A n increasing number of people at the moment are using the Internet to diagnose themselves by looking for advice from folks on the Internet who’ve experienced the same symptoms. There are additionally many suggested treatments and remedies on the net, as well as alternative solutions. Technology has additionally enabled doctors to use text messages, videos, and e-mails to consult colleagues from everywhere in the world, which is particularly useful to sufferers and medical doctors that stay in rural and underneath-developed areas. There’s no doubt that technology is the driving force behind the … Read More

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Reading: The Internet

technology computer and internet

The “homework hole” – which refers to highschool-age youngsters lacking the connectivity they should complete schoolwork at house – is extra pronounced for black, Hispanic and decrease-earnings households. Some 15% of U.S. households with college-age children do not have a excessive-pace web connection at home, in accordance with a previously published Pew Research Center analysis of 2015 U.S. School-age children in decrease-income households are especially prone to lack broadband access. Roughly one-third (35%) of households with children ages 6 to 17 and an annual income below $30,000 a yr wouldn’t have a high-pace web connection at residence, in contrast with just 6% of such households earning $75,000 or more a 12 months.

Internet vs. World Wide Web

IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology (ICT). An info know-how system (IT system) is mostly an data system, a communications system or, more specifically speaking, a computer system – together with all hardware, software and peripheral tools – operated by a limited group of users. The growth of public interest in and use of the Internet has been given further impetus because the mid Nineties thanks to increasingly powerful computers, consumer-friendly desktop working systems, a speedy and … Read More

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