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How to Build Organic Links to Your Website

What is Organic Link Building? 

Organic link building is adding hyperlinks (links) onto other relevant and reputable websites that build authority but also bring more traffic to your site and in addition, increase your visibility and brand awareness. Each hyperlink is how users navigate between pages on the internet, every quality inbound link from a high authority site benefits your SEO. 

Google has developed a ranking algorithm that crawls through billions of websites over a short period of time. This forever evolving algorithm determines which sites are relevant, and trustworthy if they provide quality content to users based on multiple factors including backlinks from other sites. 

Building organic, high-quality backlinks to your website is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can not only significantly improve your website’s visibility but also increase your authority in search engine rankings (SERPs). 

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Advantages of Digital Health Technology During Pandemic

The digital health industry is one that has quite tight competition. Every year, new industries and new technologies arrive and depart with quite rapid growth. Not infrequently, the digital health industry brings revolutionary capabilities to the market, while some take it by surprise. The digital health industry does not only cover industry and technology, but also related areas such as personal and health care solutions. It may be difficult to track the growth of the digital health industry, especially in 2020 which is the beginning of a pandemic that is felt in almost all corners of the world.

However, there are several health technologies that have become excellent during a pandemic and will still be health business trends in the future. This technology has been brought up in such a way

with customized ready-to-use solutions and approaches to address pandemic-related challenges. As a result, these solution-based technologies have skyrocketed, positioning … Read More

Technological Devices that Make Learning Easier and Accessible

The devices used to maintain or improve the learning capacity of a student with a disability (assistive technology) includes computer programmes and tablet applications that offer text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word prediction capabilities and graphic organisers. Assistive technology can help students to learn how to complete tasks and it also helps students learn how to bypass an area of difficulty. A student with reading difficulty can, for example, opt to listen to a recording of the book, thereby bypassing an area of difficulty.

Laptop Computers and Computerized Devices

Laptops and tablets are lightweight and easy to carry around and an ideal solution for students who have difficulties writing – taking notes on an assistive device can improve the quality of the notes. A word processor can help to organise a student’s work and includes fewer spelling errors due to the assistance of the spell checker. It is not a given, however, that … Read More