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Technological Devices that Make Learning Easier and Accessible

The devices used to maintain or improve the learning capacity of a student with a disability (assistive technology) includes computer programmes and tablet applications that offer text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word prediction capabilities and graphic organisers. Assistive technology can help students to learn how to complete tasks and it also helps students learn how to bypass an area of difficulty. A student with reading difficulty can, for example, opt to listen to a recording of the book, thereby bypassing an area of difficulty.

Laptop Computers and Computerized Devices

Laptops and tablets are lightweight and easy to carry around and an ideal solution for students who have difficulties writing – taking notes on an assistive device can improve the quality of the notes. A word processor can help to organise a student’s work and includes fewer spelling errors due to the assistance of the spell checker. It is not a given, however, that … Read More

5 Ways Technology Can Help Restaurants

Technology is fast becoming the backbone of many businesses and industries across the world. To survive in today’s changing world, every business requires one form of technology or the other.

Whether to accept payments or to reach customers, businesses around the world have used technology as a major form of interacting with their customers.

Like with every business, restaurants are not left out of the effects of technology, and there is an increasing inclusion of technology in restaurants across the world.

Qr code payment, E wallet , cashless technology concept. Man scaning tag in Coffee shop accepted generate digital pay without money.

On Collected.Reviews, users give an insight into how technology is helping,  and can further help restaurants to reach a wider range of customers.

Customers now have access to most restaurants by using technology features like order food online, make payments, or discover the best restaurants in … Read More