Check Out How to Sell Products Online with SyteLine

Check Out How to Sell Products Online with SyteLine

Technological Trends to Implement in 2021

The manufacturing industry is continually changing, so you should take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure greater efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing processes nowadays use advanced technologies and tools for product creation.

At the same time, it allowed manufacturers to reduce expenses, boost operational visibility, deliver excellent customer support, and handle production times with ease.

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The Industrial Revolution affects us each year, which means that the current one is all about connecting machine and man. We are talking about collaboration between intelligent systems and humans.

Manufacturers from across the globe are taking advantage of these changes with the idea to stay ahead of competitors and reach customers faster than before.

If you wish to thrive in a highly competitive industry, the best way is to implement the latest trends and technologies.

Employee Safety is Essential

It would be best to understand that employee safety is one of the most important aspects for manufacturers internationally, which is an essential factor to remember.

At the same time, workplace safety has always been a priority, but in the pandemic, the significance increased.

Apart from implementing safety precautions, including sanitization of the workplace, social distancing measures, and many more, manufacturers must carefully and closely monitor everyone who exits and enters the facilities.

Besides, they must check out which individuals are interacting with specific equipment. Therefore, manufacturers must deal with management and maintenance, so traceability is an essential aspect of gathering relevant data.

You should know that renewed focus on employee safety affects field service as well. Apart from minimizing contacts, technicians must prepare for a particular job and deal with open work orders efficiently.

Therefore, first-time fix rates will increase, which is not surprising if you consider the importance of reducing contact with others.

The trend will also affect the supply chain because manufacturers will require more transparent processes from suppliers than before.

Internet of Things

You probably understand that the internet of things or IoT is becoming a widespread technology, especially in manufacturing industries. At the same time, it has become the most significant trend due to innovations and adaptability, which will continue in the future.

Remember that the interconnection of devices within the internet infrastructure will boost the ability to make strategic, more informed, and real-time decisions based on analytics and data.

You can achieve numerous goals, including improved safety, enhanced efficiency, expense reduction, and product innovation, among other things.

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A few studies have shown that more than thirty percent of manufacturing processes can implement embedded intelligence and bright devices. Besides, thirty-five percent of manufacturers want to incorporate this technology within the process.

Predictive analytics and the internet of things can cause a significant impact by transforming operations and business processes with ease.

You should know that innovation will affect business growth, which will help you evolve your business and reach more potential customers.

A pandemic has increased the need for this technology because they must implement predictive maintenance capabilities and remote monitoring, among other things.

We are talking about the public safety perspective; field technicians can’t show up on work based on the notice. Therefore, you must plan everything.

You can take advantage of IoT devices, which will help you monitor equipment performance and determine potential issues before malfunction and potential downtime.

That way, technicians will have a comprehensive understanding of each problem along the way, which will help them get more practical solutions before they reach a site.

Predictive Maintenance

When it comes to predictive maintenance, you should know that equipment is expensive due to loss of productivity, downtime, and repairs. A single hour of downtime expenses can reach a hundred thousand dollars.

Therefore, you should ensure all equipment functions come in perfect performance levels, which will require predictive maintenance and analytics.

Predictive maintenance will extend the longevity of your machinery and unplanned outages as well. On the other hand, predictive analytics will allow you to monitor performance by using metrics, which will help you automate data and collection processes.

The insight will help you understand how systems operate and whether they will fail. Besides, you can administer predictive maintenance and save valuable resources, money, and time.

You can conduct monitoring tests, which will prevent shutdown and other problems that may happen.

Shift from B2B to B2C

In the last few years, manufacturers have chosen from B2B or business-to-business model to B2C or business-to-consumer. Remember that you will get a wide array of benefits by implementing the B2C model, such as:

  • Brand Control – You can eliminate the chances of diluting and misrepresent your brand through third-party companies.
  • Faster Marketing – You do not have to think about the traditional retail sales cycle that requires numerous steps such as product development, ordering, and delivery. Instead, you can create a prototype, test, and push each product on the market, which will ensure an advantage compared with competitors.
  • Boost Profits – If you decide to implement this model, you can use the full manufacturer suggested retail price instead of wholesaling your products.
  • Customer Data – When selling directly to consumers, you can gather more customer data than before. As a result, you will gather relevant info to build strong relationships, increase sales, and build better products than before.

Still, if you wish to implement the B2C model, you should find an eCommerce platform that will help you support the sales, which will provide you peace of mind.