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Security and SD-WAN Become Important Needs, Especially When Pandemic

When the network landscape develops when a pandemic is rife, Security and SD-WAN become more important than ever. The surface of digital attacks has increased rapidly because the perimeter has changed from a very narrow data center to a cross infrastructure.

For information, SD-WAN stands for a software-defined wide area network or software-defined wide area network. SD-WAN is a special management software for virtualizing network hardware. So, SD-WAN is a technique using software to make a wide area network smarter and more flexible.

The ongoing pandemic has further exacerbated the situation and revealed various challenges that arise, he said. “With the current environment, what we see is people trying to take advantage of Covid-19. The result is an increase in phishing attacks and a “big increase” in ransomware. That is why the hybrid computing environment will still dominate the landscape for a long time to come. Growing perimeters and the … Read More

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Synology DS Manager – Synology Download Station macOS client app and Safari Extension

Synology DS Manager is the modern Synology Download Station macOS client app and Safari Extension

First of all, the Synology DS Manager is the modern macOS application for your Synology Download Station. It allows you to easily manage your Synology Download Station tasks right from your Mac computer. Secondly, there is the built-in Synology Download Station Safari Extension allowing you to add new download tasks from the Safari browser.

This macOS application for Synology Download Station is modern so it works perfectly in 2020 on both macOS Catalina and Safari 13. Older macOS/Safari versions are also supported of course.

The app is trustworthy: it’s sandboxed and notarized by Apple, and your connection credentials are securely stored in the macOS keychain.

The app is developed by skavans – an indie macOS Swift developer.


  • your Synology Download Station connection credentials are securely stored in macOS keychain;
  • 2-step authentication (2FA) support;
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Best Tablets for Seniors with Calling Feature

In today’s time and age, smart devices like tablets have become an irreplaceable asset in people’s lives. People of all age groups, genders, professions, and sections have embraced the innovation of tablet that has pretty much simplified our lives. A considerable section of the senior population is becoming a substantial chunk of tech consumers. And why not, tablets and smartphones have a lot to offer to seniors. From allowing aging adults to stay connected with their family and friends to letting them brush up their memory, reminding them of medicine time to keeping them entertained with music and videos, smart tablets can do it all. However, when it comes to choosing an ideal tablet for seniors, there are a lot of things that one should keep in mind.

If you are considering buying a calling tablet for your aging parents or family member, this list will make surely make your … Read More

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