Best Tablets for Seniors with Calling Feature

Best Tablets for Seniors with Calling Feature

In today’s time and age, smart devices like tablets have become an irreplaceable asset in people’s lives. People of all age groups, genders, professions, and sections have embraced the innovation of tablet that has pretty much simplified our lives. A considerable section of the senior population is becoming a substantial chunk of tech consumers. And why not, tablets and smartphones have a lot to offer to seniors. From allowing aging adults to stay connected with their family and friends to letting them brush up their memory, reminding them of medicine time to keeping them entertained with music and videos, smart tablets can do it all. However, when it comes to choosing an ideal tablet for seniors, there are a lot of things that one should keep in mind.

If you are considering buying a calling tablet for your aging parents or family member, this list will make surely make your search easy.

1. Sony Xperia 9.4 Inch Tablet

Sony Xperia has established itself as a household name for mobile devices and smartphones. This particular Sony Xperia Tablet features a large screen of 9.4 inches and many other senior-friendly specifications. The big and bright screen size makes it easier for an older person with vision issues to navigate through the tablet quickly. The large screen adds to the convenience of finding out contacts and apps without anyone’s help. One can use the tablet horizontally or vertically as and when needed.

In aging adults, dexterity issues are common. They have trouble holding things and devices for long. That’s why it’s recommended to buy them tablets that are slim and light-weight. This tablet from Sony Xperia weight only 1.26lbs, and thus, is more comfortable to be carried around. Besides this, the tablet offers 10 hours of battery life, has 16 GB internal storage capacity, and an affordable price.

2. The Birdsong Tablet

When it comes to senior-friendly devices, nothing can beat the Birdsong tablet for seniors. The tablet is designed, keeping in mind the unique needs of an average aging adult. Birdsong tablets come in two variants of 10 inches and 15 inches screen sizes. Given how most aging populations develop vision problems, they require devices with a big screen and clear resolution. The Birdsong tablet offers just that and many more useful features at an affordable price range.

The tablet is perfect for staying connected with your loved ones, friends, and caregivers. One can connect with others over call, email, or the internet. The tablet features a big ever-present home button that can be pressed if the user is unable to navigate back to the last app or is lost in the tablet.

The tablet can function as a picture portal where family members can share images and videos or a treasure trove of digital content and games.

3. Apple iPad mini MD532LL/A

For a long time, the Apple iPad mini had captured the market for a senior friendly tablet. Apple iPad mini is a best pick if you are looking for a smaller screen size tablet. Although the tablet has a 7.9 inches screen, it’s comfortable enough to be used by older people. The iOS software in the mini pad is easy to work on and keeps updating with enhanced features. The battery can run for up to 10 hours before it needs to be charged. The iPad comes with a storage capacity of 16-64 GB, after which you can use the iCloud storage.