Mobile Internet Plans in Italy

Mobile Internet Plans in Italy

Imagine you were previously using a data plan with exact bundles to use.

After reaching the limit, you have your internet disconnected or the internet speed is reduced extremely.

With an unlimited plan, you can browse the net as much as you want.

1.  Overview of mobile internet in Italy

Roughly half of all Italians are regular internet users and cellular phones have achieved an astonishing level of penetration.

This has led to the use of mobile internet services. A lot of Italian internet services have come up to aid on how to purchase data.

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Some companies in Italy have been offering mobile and internet services for a long time. The most common companies are TIM, Vodafone, three, and wind.

The following are some of the unlimited mobile data plans:

2.  Prepaid mobile internet for Italy

Today none of the major Italian Telephone operators offer a standard data plan with a fixed monthly fee and with truly unlimited data.

 As mobile internet usage increases, these operators offer only “pay per use” plans with a certain number of GB available per month, to optimize traffic capacity, when you surpass the specific amount allowed, the speed is reduced and the use of some services impossible.

Many operators name these plans unlimited because after the limit is reached, while your access is still available, it is at a highly reduced speed.

Vodafone Italia, one of the internet company services, has launched a plan with unlimited calls and 50GB of data at 4G+ speeds for €7.99 a month aimed at customers of Iliad Italia and most of the country’s MVNOs.

3.   Mifi

This is also known as mobile wifi. The MiFi device is a small pocket-sized device that creates your own portable and personal hotspot.

 If you and your travel buddies are heavy data users and you need reliable internet, then a MiFi is what you need.

You can put it in your pocket and have a hotspot with which you can connect your wifi-enabled device as well as up to four other devices.

You can set up a security password to bar others from using it. The MiFi has a battery lasting for up to 7 hours.

You can recharge it with its charger anywhere you go. This MiFi will save you from using the slow free wifis in cafes, restaurants, or other public places.

It is convenient to carry and is also cheaper as it will save you data roaming costs.

It also comes in handy as you can connect up to five other devices to the MiFi. Mifi is also an advantage as it does not drain your phone’s battery.

You won’t need to fiddle with the sim cards as you can connect to the wifi without the use of wifi.

You can also share storage across your mobile network. That is if your  MiFi supports a microSD card.

4.  Italy unlimited Sim card rental.

As many travellers have known, data roaming when travelling abroad is extremely expensive and painfully slow.

If one is travelling to Italy, you should consider renting the Italian data Sim card. It is an affordable, secure, and blazing fast mobile data service.

The sim card is available in standard, nano, and micro sizes. It is usually ready to go and will work on any unlocked tablets.

This sim card can be used for tethering and also for mobile hotspots.

The best-prepaid internet options in Italy and the rest of Europe is without a doubt a Sim card. It is very widespread in Italy and the prices are very reasonable.

Prepaid Sim cards in Italy guarantee a secured internet connection.