Top 8 Countries with The Fastest Internet Speed

Top 8 Countries with The Fastest Internet Speed

As time changes and new technology arises, the need for faster Internet and browsing speed has become necessary. However, whether you run a local business or you’re a casual surfer of the net, slow Internet speed has proven challenging for day-to-day online activities.

If you are unaware of the top countries in the world with the fastest internet speeds, then you are in luck. This post will enlighten you on the top eight countries with the fastest Internet speed – as reviewed by


The first country topping the list is none other than the highly advanced mega-city, Singapore. This country has a hit record Internet speed of 241.1 MB/S. And if you are unaware, Singapore is famous for its economic freedom, banking, and, of course, network speed.

According to some broadband telecom services online reviews in the US, Singapore is a pro-business and tech-savvy location, making it a hotspot for one of the 21st-century advanced network technologies.

Hong Kong

Another Asian marvel tops the spot as the second country with the fastest Internet broadbandspeed. Hong Kong is no slouch when it boils down to providing top-quality tech-savvy services.

Hong Kong’s peak Internet speed is at 222.92 MB/S, making it the number two country in the world. In addition, Hong Kong sits at the number one spot on the quality-of-life index for Internet services.


You might disagree with this, but Thailand has one of the fastest Internet speeds the world has ever seen. With Thailand having the second-largest economy in South-eastern Asia, it is no surprise the country focuses on technology. As a result, Thailand’s Internet speed reaches a peak of 213.14 MB/S, which is only a few megabytes below Hong Kong.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise; Monaco would pop up at some point in this list. However, coming at the number four spot on this list is the tax-free, ultra-wealthy country, Monaco.

Monaco boasts a super-fast Internet speed of about 206.66 MB/S. This fast Internet city lies along the French Riviera and has been home to several wealthy and successful people.


The home of wealth, safety, privacy, and now that you know, the fast Internet speed is none other than Switzerland. This country offers a super-fast Internet speed that reaches 192.13 MB/S, and it provides great banking and low taxes for all intellectual properties. Although some people might consider this country “too sterile,” it is utterly one “must-visit” destination.


Generally, Denmark has gotten its share of praise of being rated as one of the most developed countries and a European Union member. So, if you ever plan on visiting a Scandinavian country with top-speed Internet services, you might want to think about Denmark. This country offers Internet speed reaching as high as 191.4 MB/S – making it an excellent travel location for tech gurus.


Romania is one nomad hot spot that might have slipped your radar; however, you might want to reconsider. This country has long been a top-performing Internet enthusiastic nation, as they have made network/browsing speed a priority. As a result, Romania has a peak Internet speed of 188.08 MB/S, making it a go-to place for people looking to hire remote workers.


Like many other luring things in this country, the Internet speed speaks loudly for itself. It has one of the fastest Internet speeds ever seen in the world.

France comes off as number eight on this list with its very fast Internet speed. The French people of this country can confidently boast of having 177.25 MB/S worth of network/browsing speed.

Bottom Line

Judging by the growing technology and human evolution, it is obvious that these listed countries are by far ahead with Internet speed. If you ever get into a disagreement about which countries offer super-fast speed, you can easily refer to this post.