The Difference Between Traditional WAN and SD-WAN

The difference between SD-WAN technology and traditional WAN that is very pronounced is the increase in performance. On a WAN, the failover period depends on how fast the routing evolution of the router is. The routing evolution rate on the router took 3 minutes. SD-WAN it self offers faster failover, it only takes 1 second to do the job.

Traditional WAN relies the most on data centers. This requires that network traffic be backhaul through the data center so it can become clogged. Meanwhile, SD-WAN has an integrated bandwidth group provided by several service providers. This allows for greater utilization of network resources as data is migrated across offices.

Data centers that are the mainstay of traditional WANs have limited capacity. Especially to handle incoming connections to several cloud platforms. This will not happen on SD-WAN because it is not limited to the hardware that accommodates the network.

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