The cost of replacing the air conditioner

The cost of replacing the air conditioner

The air conditioning system is a complex mechanism, which due to the many elements in the composition maintains an optimal microclimate in the premises. Modern devices allow not only to regulate the temperature, but also to clean the air from bacteria and ionize it. When the air conditioner breaks down, the occupants of the house experience discomfort, so the problem should be eliminated as soon as possible. What is the cost of air conditioner replacement and when should it be done –

Replace or repair your air conditioner?

The most reliable air conditioning equipment is subject to breakdowns over time. Separate components start to malfunction, parts can become clogged and clogged. In such situation the system is not performing its tasks 100%. But buying a new conditioner is rather expensive, so the user has a reasonable question: is it possible to replace separate broken components, instead of buying a whole new system?

The answer to this question depends on the consideration of many factors. Air conditioning equipment encounters certain malfunctions throughout its lifespan, but some minor breakdowns can be easily fixed with timely maintenance.

It is advised to resort to replacing the air conditioner in the following cases:

  1. split-system has worked for a long period of time – according to recommendations of manufacturers even the most perfect systems cannot be used more than 20 years;
  2. equipment is not able to solve the problems – it does not cool and does not heat the air, does not support its normal circulation;
  3. air conditioner is too noisy and disturbs tenants of the house (especially at night);
  4. electricity consumption by air conditioning equipment has increased many times – you began to receive huge utility bills, which was not the case before.

In fact, the decision to replace the air conditioner is made by qualified specialists after an inspection of the system. Sometimes the problem can be solved by replacing one or more parts, but sometimes you just need a complete replacement of the equipment. The situation is strictly individual, it is impossible to name a universal solution.

What are the costs of replacement

Another concern for users when replacing an air conditioner is the cost of this service. The investment in a complete replacement of the system will be quite impressive – it is about 15-17 thousand dollars. However, the peculiarities of the market are such that replacement of separate components of the system is not cheaper.

Before making a decision about replacing or repairing your air conditioner, just sit down and do the math. Calculate how much it will cost to buy the individual parts that the technician pointed out to you. If their total price comes to 15 thousand dollars, it will be easier to buy a completely new system at the same cost.

Practice shows that with proper attitude and professional installation a new split-system will pay back the invested money fast after the purchase. The new equipment will consume less electricity, you will not have to buy new parts regularly, and the main thing is that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of the work.

The key to properly replacing your air conditioning system is to contact the experts. Many people mistakenly believe that performing this process with their own hands will not be difficult. As a result, such self-righteous individuals make a lot of mistakes during installation, and the equipment does not work properly. After that, they complain that they bought low-quality equipment, but in reality it can be a matter of faulty setup.

That is why we recommend you not to save money and to address to professional installers. They will perform split-system installation in accordance with the recommendations and taking into account the parameters of the room. Yes you will have to pay extra money for these services, but trust me it is worth it. It is better to invest once, than to regularly pay for the purchase of faulty spare parts.

How to Calculate the Cost of Air Conditioning Replacement

The price of replacing air conditioning equipment includes:

  • the cost of all internal parts installed;
  • cost of the outdoor unit;
  • communications, thermostats;

The price of services of the installation company.

The price policy is influenced by the number of elements in the system, the energy efficiency class of the equipment, the size of the area it processes, and the presence of additional functions such as air filtration and ionization. So before you buy a new system, it is important to consider what functions you want from it and what your budget is.

Each air conditioner model has its own technical specifications, which should be carefully studied. It is mandatory to order the services of professional installers, in order to avoid problems in the future. It is better to immediately sign a contract with a special service for regular maintenance of the units.