The Best Crypto Audit Companies: Research

The Best Crypto Audit Companies: Research

Blockchain technology use cases are seen everywhere. In every business industry, you can find a blockchain trace, from simple transactions to asset record management, critical data security, or smart contracts implementation. That is to say, the demand for technological innovations that blockchain platforms offer is at its highest level. 

And security is the most crucial component of each project and company. Therefore, in order to neutralize and isolate possible security vulnerabilities and issues common in the blockchain territory, it’s essential to conduct blockchain security audits from time to time. This way, companies can prevent potential malicious attacks or any other form of security risk and ensure the safety of their digital infrastructure and systems. 

So, let’s dig in further and find out the best crypto audit companies and their offered services.

Why Do Companies Need Audit Services?

Security is the highest priority for every business and company. And this single reason is more than enough for adding smart contract audits to your to-do list and making them a fundamental component of a company’s overall security measures and policies. However, the benefits you will get from a blockchain security audit are not limited to safety assurance merely. There are many reasons why auditing services are so in demand and required. Let’s review some of them below:

  • Discovering and identifying security flaws and vulnerabilities;
  • Ensuring the safety of your funds;
  • transactions, and confidential data;
  • Validating your wallet address and checking for possible errors;
  • Overall security analysis of your system and smart contract code;

Essentially, security audits are the same as ensuring the safety of the living building before opening it to the public. Therefore, if you want to provide a safe and positive environment for your users, it’s time to consider the services of smart contract audit companies. 

Now, let’s look at some of the top blockchain and smart contract auditors available in the market.


Hacken is among the best cyber security auditing companies with the main focus on delivering blockchain security solutions for businesses of any size and scale. Its consulting and auditing services include TRON Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Blockchain Protocols, EOS, etc. 


Another leader of the cyber security army worth to be mentioned is Certik. Its popularity and growth are mainly connected with formal verification technology’s efficiency and productive nature. It can be used in blockchain networks and smart contracts for mathematically validating their security and safety. Additionally, the implementation of formal verification can prove that the smart contract code will always work as planned, depending on different possible scenarios.


Chainsulting is one of the smart contract auditing companies that primarily focuses on ensuring smart contracts codes’ security and integrity. It also provides solutions like software development and consulting services. The leading auditing subdivisions include:

  • The architecture of dApps and blockchain technology development;
  • DLT and crypto-assets consulting;
  • Smart contract security and audit;
  • Analysis and evaluation of possible security vulnerabilities and risks.


The next famous auditing firm on our list is OpenZeppelin. Open-source contracts libraries known as revolutionary symbols for the crypto industry can be considered the main distinguishing feature of OpenZeppelin. Moreover, the company also provides solutions and services for complicated projects too. One such example is the Solidity compiler’s audit.


Solidproof is a German security firm specializing in KYC procedures, project auditing, and high-security data storage. The company also provides a private server for storing all customers’ confidential data and information, which only the auditing team can access.

Other Solidproof services are DocuSign Forms, KYC Standards and Checks, Smart Contract Auditing, etc.

Summing Up

Currently, there is a stable growth of security breaches and data management issues, highlighting the necessity for business owners to adopt higher safety measures. And it means that even in the near future, the demand for security audits and companies will surely not go down, as they have a proven track record of ensuring users’ safety and protecting digital infrastructure from different attacks and dangers. However, before choosing an auditing company, make sure to review all the options available and select the one that fits your needs the best.