Security and SD-WAN Become Important Needs, Especially When Pandemic

Security and SD-WAN Become Important Needs, Especially When Pandemic

When the network landscape develops when a pandemic is rife, Security and SD-WAN become more important than ever. The surface of digital attacks has increased rapidly because the perimeter has changed from a very narrow data center to a cross infrastructure.

For information, SD-WAN stands for a software-defined wide area network or software-defined wide area network. SD-WAN is a special management software for virtualizing network hardware. So, SD-WAN is a technique using software to make a wide area network smarter and more flexible.

The ongoing pandemic has further exacerbated the situation and revealed various challenges that arise, he said. “With the current environment, what we see is people trying to take advantage of Covid-19. The result is an increase in phishing attacks and a “big increase” in ransomware. That is why the hybrid computing environment will still dominate the landscape for a long time to come. Growing perimeters and the challenges of cloud infrastructure also put pressure on the network, because the network determines service quality.

Similar to security, networks are an important focal point for SD-WAN because hundreds of millions of workers are ‘forced’ to carry out long-distance communication in response to Covid-19. This puts pressure on wide area networks that were never designed to support the influx of large waves of remote workers. Therefore SD-WAN is the solution for this.

Benefits for companies from SD-WAN products technology are:

• Increase business productivity and user satisfaction

• Improve business agility and responsiveness

• Increase security and reduce threats

• Simplify the architecture of the WAN branch

• Reduce WAN costs by up to 90 percent

From now on, SD-WAN is not only for branch companies, but SD-WAN is a basic technology, which is used from home to the cloud.

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